Sarah Roberts, MS, ACSM CET

It’s no secret that being active is a good thing for people. The trouble is getting started, and staying with it. My Master’s program trained me in Exercise Psychology, effective goal setting, and long-lasting behavior change for the cancer population. I have presented in Nurse Practitioner lectures, cancer retreats, and am certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as a Cancer Exercise Trainer.

My biggest frustration through grad school and being involved in research was the disconnect between scientific publications and resources available to the cancer population in the “real world”. There are decades of research supporting that being active is beneficial for the cancer population. However, there are minimal, often no, resources available for the cancer community. I am here to change that.

I am not a survivor, I am fortunate to have never received a cancer diagnosis. When I was in college, I started envisioning a cancer-related exercise program. I earned my Master’s in Kinesiology, and thought for sure that by the time I graduated exercise-related resources would become more prevalent for the cancer population. I quickly learned, and was frequently told, that the ‘thing’ I wanted to do didn’t exist.

I have worked with an incredibly diverse group of individuals in a ‘be active’ capacity. From sedentary older adults, diabetics, individuals with multiple sclerosis, fresh-off-of-treatment breast cancer patients, to recovering addicts serving a prison sentence; and I truly enjoy it all.

Having relocated from Illinois to Colorado, I am someone who absolutely understands the joy that movement can bring. Not only moving, but moving in nature has been incredibly important for me. I am confident that you can change your life through physical activity in ways you may not be able to imagine, and being active will help you gain control you thought you lost.