Human superpower: Mindset

It’s one of those days where when I was walking to go to yoga, all the stoplights perfectly synced with my stride, it’s super sunny, cool fall weather, and I feel like I’ve just crushed to-do item after to-do item and it’s not even noon (as I write this..). I’m sitting here air-drying my hair instead of rushing to work with a bunch of dry shampoo in it, I had one of my favorite donuts and eggs for breakfast, and I am soaking in all of the good feels today.

If you haven’t clicked out of this yet, I’ll tell you that I am gushing over my morning because I think it’s really important for everybody to acknowledge and truly celebrate moments that so simply bring joy to the day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had mornings with the exact same set up that I just described, yet I’m still grumbling about something. “God my yoga mat stinks. Shit, I forgot my sunglasses and now I can’t even freaking see. I hate how my hair is. My to-do list is never-freaking-ending. The music is horrible in this yoga class. All these damn leaves are making my allergies go crazy.” You know the reel.

As I’ve said before (on my instagram and I think also here..), I am not a cancer survivor. I have not had a cancer diagnosis, so currently I can’t fully understand what it is truly like. However, I can understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and fed up with the way things are going. It just never goes as planned. And when things don’t go as planned, one of the most powerful tools we humans have been graced with is our mindset.

You can absolutely and seemingly effortlessly drown yourself in a negative mindset - we all do this, and for a short period this seems helpful; you’re venting your frustrations. Give yourself grace and space to be frustrated, but keep it short because as a lady on youtube once said, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” With persistence and intention, you can live life with a positive mindset - you reward yourself the gift of joy, compassion, and patience. This isn’t always easy. And for someone who receives a cancer diagnosis and endures treatment, knowing what I know about symptoms and side effects, this may feel really difficult.

In my work with ladies who had breast cancer, I heard often about the constant battle of taking care of the family as a mother versus taking care of yourself as an individual; especially considering that cancer shook your family’s world so drastically. This makes total sense! Moms can always make things “right” again, and a lot of the time Mom (or the maternal figure) does that better than anyone can. It’s another superpower humans were graced with.

All of this to remind you all that it is really important that we all do for ourselves what makes having a positive mindset easier. Especially Moms. Definitely Moms who have had cancer. I think the greatest example parents can set for their children is how to lead a balanced life. I think this is true also for all people to do for each other, really. It’s a delicate dance sometimes; put yourself first but don’t be ‘selfish.’

For me, I feel my strongest emotionally, mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually when I’m outside and being active. Today, for me, that meant walking to yoga and then walking to get a donut after class (#BALANCE).

Maybe you don’t know what “one thing” taps into all areas of your being. That’s perfectly fine. I used to have a really unhealthy relationship with being active and needing to be outside all the time, so I definitely haven’t always been able to say that that was my “thing.” It also can be multiple things, hence outside, yoga, donut.

I want anyone who’s reading this to make a list. Make a list of what has brought a positive feel to your day, week, month, or whatever time frame you feel like focusing on.

Now for the next 2 weeks, if what’s on your list you just made is not a regular part of your routine, schedule those things to come back up. Get creative. For me, time face-to-face and hug-to-hug with my family was definitely a highlight of my last few weeks. I live ~1,000 miles from them, so my plan is to FaceTime and make sure I am present while talking to them. If you chose a time frame that was several months and you noticed that being active used to be part of your regular routine but now it’s fallen out of it, that’s normal. Just like reaching out to an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while, it’s never to late to get back in touch with being active.

Go for a walk, start somewhere, and be patient with yourself if you feel overwhelmed. Acknowledge the setbacks and frustrations that pop up, but don’t give them power to ruin a perfectly good sunshine-filled fall day.