Participation & Cancellations



Always communicate with your oncology team when modifying your lifestyle. Your coach reserves the right to refuse service for any reason, particularly any medical concerns that may arise. In some cases, your oncologist or physician will need to provide written approval indicating he or she agrees that the program you are interested in would be beneficial for you at this point in time. Initially, your doctors and your oncology team know your medical history better than your coach does. Your providers can tell you whether or not they think it’s good timing, and we can tell you how.

If at any point you feel your symptoms are worsening it is your responsibility to maintain open and honest communication with your coach. The idea is to have a relationship with your coach that allows you to be transparent about how you are feeling and how the program may be affecting you. This helps tailor the program safely.


Please provide no less than 24 hours notice of a reschedule OR cancellation is going to occur. You must call, text, or email. You will be given two excused missed appointments, and on the third un-communicated missed appointment you will be charged $45